9 Lower Cecil Street, V94 Y9P9, Limerick

Park Point, Dublin Road Castletroy, Limerick, V94Y83C

About Sodalicious

Based in Limerick city centre, Sodalicious is a cafe and bakery focused on celebrating all things Irish. We have have a particular grá for Irish soda bread, so you’ll find soda bread and scones at the heart of our menu — starring in a wide range of sandwiches, and making a wonderful addition to our soups, salads, and breakfast and brunch menus.
Our bread is flavoured only with fresh ingredients e.g. fresh herbs, cheese, olives, olive oil, nuts, seeds and fresh fruit in the scones. We don’t use any artificial additives. It is a yeast free product and we use reduced sugar in the sweet range resulting in many health benefits including a low fat content. It also contains sodium bicarbonate which aids digestion.


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Sodalicious Park Point

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